My Experience with GiveMyCertificate


Marking Milestones with Certificates

Being a sophomore, I came across quite a lot of events and workshops but in most of them, students or attendees are drawn and made put their interest to peek by stating that they will receive a certificate for even attending the event. At first, it seemed a very small thing but if we see it carefully it is just one more step to go ahead, or like one more streak to keep up his/her progress. With all these things being said the problem arises related to forgery and plagiarism to the certificates.

Unavoidable problems with E-Certificates

With the rising craze about receiving certificates, students soon started making false certificates which not only contaminated the value of amazing events but also tamper with the mindsets of genuine certificate bearers. Students to revamp their resume started to put false certificates for their internships and more. With all these things hampering the working environment of students, I came across GiveMyCertificate for the sponsorship of my event.

Restoring the value of certificates with GiveMyCertificate

Value for each certificate

Why to choose GiveMyCertificate?

GiveMyCertificate focuses on the authenticity of each and every certificate no matter if it is an attending certificate or an internship certificate, it gives it the value it should receive. With Give My Certificate, the tedious and time taking work of creating and sending the certificates to students changes one click task. Many companies and communities were able to send thousands of certificates with proper authenticity and discipline in just few mins, which makes their services more awesome and convenient to use. Moreover, with all these things they even support your events, give an advertising hand and all of these are free for students groups and communities. GiveMyCertificate has been providing certificates for about 1.6 Million+ from 14 months to numerous communities and groups and even companies irrespective of any domains which mean they are providing their services to non-profit organizations, local groups and more, although it is free for students group for the big organization it is free for a whole year, giving access to send as many certificates as they want.




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