Indian College Life: Opportunity-or-Burden?!

Shibam Dhar
4 min readFeb 29, 2020

It’s amazing to think about how many opportunities come from going to college. After paying the tuition, you may think college was never worth it, but your future employers think otherwise. A lot of times, your continuation into higher education is what can land you a better job.

The Indian education system is the second largest higher education system in the world. There are many premier universities which can be compared to Ivy League colleges. The quality of education in higher learning institutions is similar to that of other international universities and is competitive. Even better, Indian universities boast of some of the best teachers in the world.(

It’s no secret. Continuing onto college can influence a lot of positivity to happen in your life. Surely it drains out a lot of money while acquiring any professional degree. What really matters is that whether are you only getting a degree from your college or also getting skill-sets because later on your skills, behavior and many other things will speak louder than your degree in front of interviewers.

I will share some of my own experience related to school to college life,

From the start, I have always been a very extroverted and lively person but due to lack of any support and fewer opportunities, I could not stand out from the crowd. At the school level, it is really not easy to get the chance to outshine in our personal favorite zone or the environment where we have our interests.

By taking admission in college according to our field we can put our life on a right path leading towards our goal which will comprise of all the elements which we are really interested in. Myself when I got admission into the college of engineering taking computer and science engineering as my stream, at first I was really confused and was totally not aware of what to do. It was just so similar like school days, having a set of books and copies, reading them and jotting down notes. Soon, I tried to look out of these books and copies ritual and realized that there were many people who were doing something very unique in their scientific field. They are not only studying the college syllabus but also keeping themselves productive in different aspects related to technology. They are building up things, developing projects and working on different platforms. They are not only growing their skill-sets but also very enthusiastic to share this with everyone. They are willing to grow their community with everyone where they can develop themselves by supporting each other and sharing knowledge to everyone. Staying with them I got to know about my interests, which is web-development.

I soon started involving in activities that were organized by our college tech team. Soon my seniors recognized me. They saw me taking interest in tech-activities and made me part of the college tech team which is an ACM chapter in our college. It was a great change over time in my life, I kept grinding, soon the teachers started to notice me, that I am indulging in many good things and to be honest it is really helpful because you get the support from teachers for example; attendance. It is absolutely wrong that you will get exposure only related to the subjects you are studying in college, there are many clubs and societies in college which consist of many co-curriculum activities, such as sports, music, dance, drama, painting and even coding! In college, the biggest thing which I think helped me a lot is that they provide us a stage to perform or to deliver ourselves regarding any activity or any topic wherever we feel comfortable. It helps a student to inculcate not only the way to express himself/herself but also to build confidence to interact with people.

So basically, I will say that just grab the opportunities you get. Do not let them go in vague. If you are in college you will encounter in-numerous chances to build yourself and grow yourself along with many difficulties but never stop and be satisfied with what you have achieved till now, because it will not let you grow further with the community and someone else will take up your place.

By: Shibam Dhar



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